Young people are remarkable, but it’s hard to be a young person right now.

From navigating anxiety and maintaining healthy relationships, to the pressures of social media and managing stress, growing up is more challenging than ever.

That means it’s also really hard to be a parent right now.

As adults, one of our main goals is to help set our kids up for success, today and for the rest of their lives. Because it’s often so challenging to see — really see — when the young people in our lives are struggling, we need them to tell us when they are, so we can support them in the ways they need.

They need to be sure they have caring adults in their lives who are prepared to listen, and they need to feel safe, free and comfortable enough to talk openly, honestly and without fear of judgment about topics that matter.

That’s where SpeakUp! comes in.

SpeakUp! is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping young people and adults develop the skills and confidence to foster supportive relationships and have courageous conversations about the challenges young people face today — from stress, mental health, drugs and alcohol to depression, anxiety, suicide, relationships, social media and more. When adults are ready and willing to listen (and learn!), and young people know that their openness will be met with caring minds and hearts, a true partnership is formed and built to last.

These young people — with the support of caring adults — become more equipped to make positive life choices as they navigate the journey to becoming healthy, confident adults themselves.

SpeakUp! hosts a series of Parenting Adult Coffees throughout the school year. Our morning sessions are held in-person at the SpeakUp! office and evening sessions are held virtually on Zoom. These gatherings are designed to dive deeper into topics where more guidance and support is needed and requested by our parenting adult participants.

All are welcome!

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